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Hydroxyl purification is one of the quickest and most effective methods to treat both surfaces and air, removing 99.99% of pathogens within one hour. A technology developed and tested by NASA, hydroxyl treatment is FDA Approved and the only technology available that can actively reduce viral contamination in occupied spaces. 

"Purified air is the newest luxury item. FDA Approved technology that is effective against COVID-19".


How Does it Work?  

Hydroxyl treatment technology uses naturally-present compounds found in our atmosphere, created when the sun’s rays react with water vapour. Hydroxyls, the safe molecules produced by this technology, are referred to in science circles as the “detergent of the atmosphere”. This well-tested technology kills bacteria, viruses and mould, and breaks down volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemical fumes, gases, vapours and unpleasant odours.

How is it Used?  


The units are small, lightweight, portable and take minutes to install. Suitable for any size room and scalable as required, the technology is chemical-free, safe and environmentally-friendly. The ‘constant stream’ effect of the unit provides the ongoing generation of hydroxyls, projecting them through the air and onto surfaces in the room – where they ‘seek and destroy’ pathogens such as bacteria and viruses and safely eliminate them. 


How Does it Compare? 


Unlike ventilation filters or ultraviolet light treatment systems, the air within your space does not need to pass through the unit. Instead, the cascading hydroxyl production builds up, removing toxins as it does. No cleaning, no adverse allergic impacts, no extended cleaning wait times. 

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