The Planet Mechanics

Terraforming Repairs, Serviced Here.

“Mother Nature is the best engineer. We use a toolkit of Her solutions to provide the most direct path to fixing our only home, Planet Earth.” - Sandeep Gupta


Our vision is to amplify Mother Nature’s approach to solve the ecological crisis, bringing humanity into true balance with our planet. 

Our mission is to sequester one trillion tons of carbon before the dawn of 2030 by investing in and scaling profitable, low resistant climate-balancing enterprises.


We believe in the most direct path. One that results in the highest degree of transformation. The solutions to solve the climate crisis exits, it is up to us to rapidly expand on them. 

Image by Todd Quackenbush


Our partner enterprises are all grounded in Mother Nature’s reality, amplifying and accelerating her processes to solve the climate emergency. 


Become a planet mechanic and join the global effort. Learn about society’s most direct and effective solutions and be part of the growing collection of organizations deploying the antidotes to our preventable peril. 


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